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Cloud-based Order Fulfillment for eCommerce Retailers.

Shipping & Fulfillment: Done Smart

“Outsourcing to RSL has saved us a huge amount of time and energy. The ability to focus on growing our business, expanding new product lines, and directing marketing efforts really makes my job so much more enjoyable.”

How It Works

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One Day Order Fullfillment

All Orders Will be shipped out the door within one business day from the time your customers hits 'Checkout'.

2-Day Delivery Network

Slash your shipping expenses and increase repeat business with 1-2 day delivery to 98% of the U.S. via ground shipping.

Gauranteed 100% Accuracy.

Many customers will never come back if their order is wrong. All Xpress Fullfillments orders go through 3 times checks to ensure 100% accuracy.

Personal Client Support

"Having access to the XFL Support team makes a huge difference when we're managing our operations. it's almost like having our own personnel in the warehouse."


Compete With Any Online Store With

More Repeat Business
Lower Shipping Costs
1-Day Order Fulfillment
Higher Buyer Satisfaction
2-Day Fulfillment Service Delivery
Cloud-based Fulfillment Management

Shopping Cart Integration

The SmartFill platform is designed to provide eCommerce retailers with a wide array of simple integrations that create a unique and powerful solution for rapid growth. This allows eCommerce retailers to scale their businesses without any additional fixed costs, capital outlay, or labor for order fulfillment. And just as important, it increases the reliability and manageability of the fulfillment processes significantly.

2-Day Delivery Network

XFL’s national fulfillment network gives you access to 1–2 day delivery to 98% of the U.S. via ground shipping. Using multiple fulfillment centers cuts an average of $0.50 per pound from your shipping bill.

Import/Shipping Logistics Experts

Since 2001, XFL has been at the forefront of order fulfillment. We have shipped millions of orders for hundreds of online retailers around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Fulfillment Services

Eliminate fixed overhead costs and increase the speed and accuracy of your global order fulfillment

Client Support

Guaranteed response within 3 hours!

Each XFL client has direct access to a personal support team, who works directly with fulfillment liaisons based in the same facility where you store your products. All of our fulfillment centers are always open to visits and tours so you can see how your product is being handled.

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